Monitor your computer’s temperature on another computer


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WebTemp is a tool that lets you monitor your computer temperature, fan speed or voltage on any other computer. For it to work, you'll have to install applications that give you this data, such as Speedfan.

Once the measuring programs are installed on the computer you want to monitor, you can remotely (and easily) check on its status. Plus, the application can read your RAM and CPU usage, as well as the frequency, traffic, hard drive memory and battery capacity (if the computer is a laptop).

You can also have a window open with all of this data permanently updated on a corner of your screen and, most importantly, you can create an image that gives you a summary of all of your computer’s data over the last few hours.

WebTemp is a somewhat complex and unstable tool which can, nonetheless, prove to be very useful in keeping an eye on a troublesome computer.
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